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Project Details

Client: Leo Burnett

Product: HPCL; Milcy Turbo Ultra

Services: Audio Visual

To launch HP Lubricants Milcy Turbo Ultra, the future ready oil, Leo Burnett chose to create an animated launch video with a futuristic appeal to it.

About Milcy Turbo Ultra

HP Lubricants Milcy Turbo Ultra, is the ultra premium oil for next generation high-end diesel engines and emerging emission norms. Offering immaculate performance for engine durability, it is favoured by complete commercial vehicles, transport vehicles, cars and jeep, in addition to earth moving equipments used for construction purposes and DG sets.


While the audio commences on the note of sustained development and growth, the viewer sees the creation of an SUV, transitioning into a truck and a bus, on a futuristic city theme background. Elaborate 3D, running engine graphics, was also incorporated to depict the smooth and long lasting compatibility of the oil.

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